Celebrate Hanukkah in Style

Tabletop ideas and recipes for a festive and filling Hanukkah

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Make your own menorah

Create a glowing holiday table with small hurricanes, candles, and ribbon

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Lots of latkes

For many Jews, this traditional potato-and-onion mixture is the flavor of Hanukkah. Try any of our four variations (and one accompanying condiment) at your holiday meal.


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Pickled Salmon

Traditional pickled fish takes a healthful turn with a sparing use of salt and assertive mix of spices. Serve with toasted rye bread or pocket bread, shredded cucumber, and reduced-fat sour cream.

Recipe: Pickled Salmon

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Quick Brisket Puffs

For a quick Hanukkah appetizer, use leftover brisket to create these tasty puffs. If you're keeping kosher, use puff pastry made without butter.

Recipe: Quick Brisket Puffs

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Tunisian Potato Turnovers

Many Americans associate Jewish cooking with Eastern European flavors, but these turnovers offer a fresh take on the traditional latkes with seasonings from North Africa.

Recipe: Tunisian Potato Turnovers

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Twice-baked Beef Brisket with Onions

Double baking this brisket gets a lot of the prep work for a large dinner party out of the way ahead of time, and the meat soaks up the pan juices and becomes amazingly moist and succulent.

Recipe: Twice-baked Beef Brisket with Onions

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Cranberry Rugelach

A trip to New York inspired Jeannie Lee of Marin County, California, to develop this rich, cranberry-filled cookie.

Recipe: Cranberry Rugelach


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